"Professions of the Future"
Learning Programme
Goals of the 'Professions of the Future' program:
• Introduce students to the concepts of coding and computer science.
• Develop practical coding skills through hands-on projects and tasks.
• Encourage creativity and artistic expression through programming and digital art.
• Provide students with the opportunity to explore various areas of technology and career paths.

Learning Outcomes:
• Understanding the fundamentals of programming and computer science.
• Acquiring skills in using online platforms and coding tools.
• Applying programming skills to create artistic and designer web pages.
• Proficiency in customizing website layouts and adding interactive elements.
• Developing skills in pixel animation, character design, and drawing techniques.
• Exploring the principles of 3D design and creating virtual architecture, characters, and landscapes.
• Learning film editing methods and enhancing visual flow in videos.
• Cultivating skills in 2D game development, including character design, animation, and obstacle creation.
• Studying the development of 3D games using Roblox Studio, and creating interactive virtual spaces.
• Gaining knowledge in the field of virtual robotics and programming virtual robots.
• Developing application development skills, including interactive quizzes, virtual pet apps, and language learning apps.
Introduction to programming on online platforms.
Online tasks for interactive programming.
Programming simple animations.
Creating a web page with AI.
Introduction to Programming
Module 1.
Adding content and customising layouts.
Creating interactive elements.
Blogging and content creation.
Website Design
Module 2.
Pixel animation and sprite creation.
Character design in pixel art.
Sketching and line drawing techniques in Krita.
2D Art
Module 3.
Virtual architecture and interior design.
Creating 3D characters.
Designing 3D landscapes.
3D Design
Module 4.
Basic editing methods. Adding titles.
Enhancing visual flow.
Advanced editing methods: split screens and slow-motion.
Advanced editing methods: green screen.
Introduction to Film Editing
Module 5.
Fundamentals of game design. Character design and animation.
Platform game development.
Obstacle design and task integration.
2D Game Development
Module 6.
Creating a planet in Roblox Studio.
Adding objects to the space.
Adding characters and designing interactions.
3D Game Development
Module 7.
Designing and modelling virtual robots.
Online introduction to robot programming.
Designing virtual "Smart Home" devices.
Virtual Robotics
Module 8.
Interactive quiz app.
Virtual pet app.
Language learning app.
App Development
Module 9.
Math quiz with random arithmetic problems.
Text-based adventure game.
"Guess the Word" game.
Advanced Coding
Module 10.
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