"Generative AI"
Learning Programme
Adventures in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This program has been meticulously designed to provide children with an engaging introduction to the world of artificial intelligence. Spanning the entire academic year, it encompasses modules covering various aspects of artificial intelligence and its applications.

Through captivating sessions, children will delve into fundamental concepts of machine learning and explore diverse areas of AI application. They will use Scratch, a programming language, to craft their own machine learning models and discover how to control video games through gestures.

Furthermore, the program will acquaint children with natural language processing (NLP) and its numerous applications, such as chatbots. They will employ a story generator tool to create their narratives and learn how NLP can be harnessed to develop chatbots capable of natural human interaction.

Additionally, children will have the opportunity to experiment with voice generation and create their short audio clips. They will also gain insights into various contexts in which this technology can be employed.

Lastly, the program will educate children in the fundamentals of creating images and videos using artificial intelligence and modern technologies, with the aim of preparing them for future professions.
Creating a virtual assistant using chatbot tools.
Exam preparation with AI.
Creating a math and language learning assistant.
Image classification and recognition.
AI in our daily Life
Module 1.
Transforming text descriptions into images.
Create your own story and turn it into a comic.
Designing website elements.
Visualising and Enhancing Ideas with AI
Module 2.
Drawing with AI.
Merging multiple images with AI.
Animating images.
Artistic and Design Creation with AI
Module 3.
Create a virtual art gallery.
Explore virtual scientific laboratories.
Create a virtual diorama.
AI and Virtual Spaces
Module 4.
Developing a movie script and scenes.
Creating artificial cinematic music and voiceovers.
Creating a trailer with artificial intelligence.
Robot actors: AI avatars on the screen.
Enhancing Visual Effects with AI
Module 5.
Building a game world and storyline.
Creating game art with AI.
Smart enemies: coding intelligent opponents.
Game Design Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence
Module 6.
Designing exoplanets.
Architecture of a space colony.
Creating alien species.
Creating Cosmic Worlds
Module 7.
Robotic modelling with artificial intelligence.
Voice-controlled robots.
Gesture recognition based on artificial intelligence.
NextGen Robotics
Module 8.
Alexa Hello World. Alexa Calculator.
Number guessing game with Alexa.
Alexa messenger.
Mobile Apps with Artificial Intelligence
Module 9.
Image classifier: sort images into groups.
Mail sorting department: handwriting recognition.
Creating an alien language: voice recognition.
Creating Neural Networks
Module 10.
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