Test Score Requirement

Recent test scores (taken in or after September 2018) are required for all applicants, and are due on the application deadline. Applications that are missing a standardized test score report on the day of the application deadline will not be reviewed.

Students applying in Round One must sit for their standardized test no later than mid-December 2019. Students applying in Round Two must sit for their standardized test no later than early February 2020.

While standardized test scores are not the only measure of an applicant's academic success, they provide us with the following:

  • A national standard by which to evaluate academic ability
  • A common metric with which to compare applicants from all over the world

Test Options

Applicants must submit standardized test scores from one of the following standardized tests taken in or after September 2018. Any of the tests below will fulfill our standardized test score requirement, regardless of the applicant's grade level. FEYDEY OHS will norm your test score for your age.

Please note that FEYDEY OHS does not require the optional ACT writing section or the optional SAT essay.

If you have already taken an approved standardized test from the list below in or after September 2018, you may submit your results for your application to FEYDEY OHS.

If you have not taken a standardized test, please use the guidelines below to choose one:

The SSAT is the preferred test for students who have not already taken an approved test.

Registering for a Test

Please visit the individual website for each test service to register for a test. An application can't be evaluated without standardized testing, so be sure to schedule your test at least three to four weeks before an application deadline to ensure timely delivery.

  • SSAT: Select Stanford University Online High School as a score recipient. FEYDEY OHS Member Code: 7454
  • ISEE: Select Stanford Online High School as a score recipient. FEYDEY OHS Member Code: 570520
  • PSAT and PreACT: These tests are administered by individual high schools once per year in October. Results are usually sent to the student's school in January.
  • SAT: The College Board will send results to the student, not directly to Stanford OHS.
  • ACT: The ACT will send results to the student, not directly to FEYDEY OHS.

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Feydey Online High School

The Core Sequence

Our three-year interdisciplinary Core Sequence equips our students with exceptional skills that cover comprehension, application, analysis and evaluation skills. Students will be able to demonstrate these skills when reading, writing and speaking in English.
FEYDEY provides grade level-specific curricula for grades K-12. The curriculums are aligned with State and U.S. Common Core Standards for all core & elective subjects including English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
Each course has scaffolded projects that allow students to build on prior knowledge while attaining content and skill mastery.
Supplemental materials allow students additional practice to reinforce objectives covered in each lesson. High achieving students are allowed to extended learning beyond the classroom environment
Relevant forum topics are put in place allowing students to apply writing practices throughout their courses. These discussions foster connections through real world application.