Accredited by ARRAY Global Services USA
November 28, 2020 - English Language & Math (Algebra and Geometry)
December 12, 2020 - Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics)

First home-based online international competition
2 500 students from 25 countries
Pay $35.00 for any two subject test!
Students can choose up to 2 subjects from one of the test dates on 28/11/2020 and 12/12/2020,
or one subject on each test date.
presented by:
English Language (Ages 12 to 18)
Math (Grades 14 to 18)
Chemistry (Grades 16 to 18)
Biology (Grades 16 to 18)
Physics (Grades 16 to 18)
Each age groups 12-13 / 14-15 / 16-18
1st Place
- Global Secondary Education GSE®
2nd Place
- English Language course
3rd Place - FEYDEY Virtual Classroom
4th – 50th FEYDEY Online Academy (50% off GSE®)

All students will receive certificates of participation (Switzerland / USA)
ARRAY Global Educational Services
FEYDEY International Boarding School and Virtual School are accredited by an American Organization - The ARRAY Global Educational Services that confirms the curriculum delivered by FEYDEY is fully set according to K-12 Common Core Standards (USA) and the Diploma issued by FEYDEY is in line with The California Department of Education Standard (USA).
FEYDEY Virtual olympiads
Terms & Conditions
First home-based online international competition
FEYDEY Virtual Olympiad 2020
Olympiad exams or Academic Olympiads or Olympiads are the means for students to compete with other students of a similar educational level worldwide. Such exams promote the learning of skills in subjects like mathematics, science, computer technology or English language among students.

Olympiad name:
FEYDEY Virtual Olympiad (Switzerland / USA)

ARRAY Global Educational Services (USA)

Olympiad partners:
FEYDEY Academy
(International Boarding School in Switzerland)
ARRAY Global Educational Services (USA)
Grade Results Inc. (USA)
Village Camps S.A. (Switzerland)
Swiss-American Education Group (Central Asia)

English Language (Age 12 - 18)
Math (Algebra & Geometry) in English (Age 14-18)
Science (Chemistry or Biology or Physics) in English (Age 16-18)

Age groups:
12-13 years old
14-15 years old
16-18 years old

28/11/2020 English Language & Math (Algebra and Geometry)
12/12/2020 Science (Chemistry or Biology or Physics)

09:00 a.m. CET (Central European (Swiss) Time)

From students' home (using computer, tablet or smartphone)
Internet connection: Required

Important note:
FEYDEY is not responsible for participants internet connection failure that affects test completion or results.
(Olympiad fees are not refundable).

Prizes & Scholarships:
Each age groups 12-13 / 14-15 / 16-18
1st Place - FEYDEY Online Academy - Global Secondary Education GSE® - 2020-2021 Academic year
2nd Place - FEYDEY Online Academy - English Language course online - 2020-2-21 Academic year
3rd Place - FEYDEY Online Academy - FEYDEY Virtual Classroom Webinars & Projects online - 2020-2021 Academic year
4th – 50th (Finalists) FEYDEY Virtual Classroom Webinars & Projects online (50% off GSE®)

All students will receive certificates of participation (Switzerland / USA)
Registration and participation

One subject CHF 30 / USD 35

Registration and Payment deadline:
25 October 2020 24:00 CET (Central European (Swiss) Time)
10 December 2020 24:00 CET (Central European (Swiss) Time)

Registration procedure:
1. Register participant online (
2. Choose one or maximum two (2) subjects (Tests) for participation
3. Receive welcome letter with registration confirmation 1 or 2 test
4. Receive payment confirmation or link for CC payment online
5. Receive participation instruction (see below as well).

Payment instruction:

1 Registration & immediate payment
Make an online payment immediately after registration by credit card

2 Registration & late payment
Follow the link received by e-mail after registration and make an online payment before November 25, 2020 or December 10, 2020

Important note:
The service (Participation at FEYDEY,s Olympiad) is delivered when participant signs in with personal Username and Password at Olympiad page
The LMS (Learning Management System) automatically records the start time and the duration, the participant worked on test, with a confirmation whether the test was completed or not.
The Olympiad fees are NOT refundable.

1 November 28, 2020 and December 12, 2020 at 8:00 (Swiss time) check your registered e-mail
2 Click Zoom meeting link to join a meeting with camera ON.
3 Participants will be admitted to a meeting room during 8:00 to 8:30
4 8:30-8:40 will be Zoom meeting with FEYDEY Administration
5 8:40-8:55 participants receive e-mail with personal login/password
6 At 9:00am ( or ) click "Sign in"
7 Enter your personal Username and Password
8 Choose your age group and subject, click "Start the Test"
9 The timer will automatically start countdown
10 Olympiad is over when Test time is out, or you click "Compete the test"

Important note:
If Participant payed for 2 tests, after completion of the first one they can choose and start second test.
Test / Question Types
MSQ (Multiple-Choice Questions)
Participant has to choose one correct answer from several options.
Scores and Prizes
Olympiad results:
The FEYDEY Virtual Olympiad results will be displayed on after 48 hours of test date:

Participants will find following info:
- Name
- DOB / Age group
- Subject
- Time the test started (recorded by LMS automatically)
- Time the test finished (recorded by LMS automatically)
- Number of correct answers
- The test result in %
- Place the participant get in competition

Important note:
FEYDEY Administration will not accept any complaints from customers for 2 reasons:
- Test is taken at home or any comfortable place with internet for student and FEYDEY can't guarantee that parents or other supporters not helping them to answer correctly the test questions.
- This test is more of a self-assessment of knowledge and competition for students who will not accept external support from parents or another person during the test.
- FEYDEY is taking responsibility without any additional question to accept the result of the tests recorded and registered on LMS.

Prizes delivery:

Certificates will be provided for all participants and will be sent by email
- If participants wants a hard copy of their certificate they will have to pay for DHL delivery.

Prizes and gifts
will be delivered to winners.
- Prizes and gifts will be delivered by FEYDEY 30 days from the final competition.

Scholarships will be offered to winners.
- 50% of Academic scholarship will be offered to winners. Scholarship acceptance has to be confirmed by participant by 31st of December 2020. (with confirmed payment of remeining 50% of one of the GSE® Programs)
Subjects / Description