2020 - 2021 Academic Year
STEP 1 - Sign In
Use your personal User Name & Password and Sign In on your personal page at FEYDEY Online High School and start learning K-12 subjects in English and earning your USA high school diploma credits for successful graduation
STEP 2 - Your personal page
Feydey LMS (Learning Management System) designed as a modern and user-friendly online platform, and accessible for students & teachers 24/7 from their computer, tablet or smart phone
STEP 3 - Entering test
Take an online test in English Language and Math to allow the FEYDEY Academic Support team to help you to design your individualized learning and personalized academic program.
STEP 4 - Design own program
Depending on your grade, as well as on your results on the Feydey OHS English and Math tests online, you will be recommended a list of Mandatory and Elective Subjects to successfully graduate GSE® Program.
STEP 5 - You are ready to start!
You are then ready to start your classes!
The recommended time for online learning is 3 to 5 hours a week for Part-time students and 20 to 25 hours a week for Full-time students.
STEP 6 - Your LMS Features
Each FEYDEY student has his or her own personal page, progress report, usage, technical report and many other features to support our comfortable and quality online tuition.
STEP 7 - "My Courses"
In the section "my courses" of the FEYDEY LMS the student can find links to all the subjects he/she will learn during academic year. There are 13 levels of English Language, and 32 courses in math, science and social studies and 5 courses in test preparation available for students throughout grades k to 12.
STEP 8 - Online lesson structure
Each lesson is structured with a Pre-test, Main Lesson section and Lesson Post-test. Audio and visual tracking is also available for all classes and tests.
STEP 9 - English language
Reading literature, reading informational text, writing, language and grammar available for each English language course. Practicing the listening skills using audio tracking with the correct pronunciation develops the key knowledge to successfully pass the IELTS, SAT or GED tests. Visual tracking also helps to improve spelling skills.
STEP 10 - LMS is easy to manage
The interface of the programme is as simple as one click to manage the speed of the audio accompanying the text. Just choose Slow, Medium or Fast. Lesson vocabulary words and study guides are available for each lesson.
STEP 11 - Test recovery
At any time each learner can re-take any lesson post-test under special conditions to improve the previous test results.
STEP 12 - Monitoring and Control
Be fully informed and aware of your students progress. Information about daily and hourly usage of the program, instant recording of test results and indication of topics that require more focus are available for parents at any stage during education process.
STEP 13 - Students Support
The Feydey Online High School support team is available 24/7 and ready to help to solve any technical or academic issues.