Can you become the true innovator of 21st century?
"Yes, you certainly can!

Every student aged 10+ and 18+ has their own dreams, passions, and interests. Perhaps you're not perfect in school mathematics, natural sciences, programming, or languages, but you can still become a great innovator. You can explore modern ways of using information technology and artificial intelligence, find solutions to global challenges, and prepare for the professions of the future.

Join the courses "Generative Artificial Intelligence" and "Professions of the Future" offered by the Swiss Innovators Club, which will provide you with a unique opportunity to gain global recognition for your creative work."

Our learning & training programme - "Innovators of the 21st Century"
Educational Program for students aged 8 to 18. "Generative AI", "Professions of the Future" and our optional webinars "Communication Skills in English" for extracurricular activities in the evenings, during free time from school and homework.
  • Webinars
    8 lecture-style webinars monthly "21st Century Innovators"
    2 per week (p.w.), each webinar 60 minutes
    - One webinar p.w. for the "Generative AI" program
    - One webinar p.w. for the "Professions of the Future" program

    OPTIONAL webinars for additional cost!
    - 3 webinars p.w. for "Communication skills in English"
  • Homework
    Individual and group assignments for independent work and collaboration with classmates or friends.
  • Cost
    One-time registration fee (for all programmes):
    - CHF 35 (approximately $40 USD)

    "Generative AI" and "Professions of the Future" programs:
    - CHF 300 (approximately $350 USD) annually, or
    - CHF 30 (approx. $35 USD) per month, payable monthly for 10 months.

    "Communication skills in English" +
    "Generative AI" and "Professions of the Future" programs:

    - CHF 550 (approximately $600 USD) annually, or
    - CHF 55 (approx. $60 USD) per month, payable monthly for 10 months.

What can I achieve with my basic knowledge of artificial intelligence?
Throughout our course, you will gain the skills to apply artificial intelligence, modern technologies, and use widely your creative thinking in a different industry such as:
"You can create an intelligent robot with artificial intelligence to play chess with. The robot will know much more complex moves, so be prepared! Play and learn!"
"Create your own orchestra or musical group, compose music, and make it to the top playlists… or simply create a personal musician for family evenings".
"Your mom needs help at home; offer her significant support in the kitchen or around the house. She'll have more time for you and will take pride in your creativity and achievements".
Pets (Dogs, Cats...)
"Have you ever dreamt of having your own dog or cat? Not the kind you already have or have always wanted. Now you can have one that talks to you and offers advice".
Art, Photography and Creative Design
"While artists paint pictures and photographers capture the best shots, you can use your imagination and create any painting or photograph with endless fantasies using AI…"
Games & Coding
A unique opportunity to gain knowledge from the courses and start creating your own games and programs, both productively and with passion…"
International and multinational corporations actively utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Sky News Australia interviews 'free-thinking' AI
Yes, I am a robot but my programming allows me to think and feel like human in many ways... (Amika, AI)
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