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Our Mission & Vision
Our intention is to foster self-improvement without sacrificing self-identity; to reach for the stars without losing touch with our essential selves; to transcend the boundaries of current thinking, and to tap into the priceless wisdom of previous generations, thus maximising the human potential of our students through the creation of powerful educational systems.
FEYDEY Int.'s mission is to provide students with an education that maximises the realisation of their individual talents, enables them to be ready for careers, prepares them for success in a technology and information driven 21st Century economy and delivers a perfect and modern learning model for Education and Career Development.
FEYDEY Education Group (FEG) Switzerland, presented by FEYDEY International S.A., is new, modern fast-growing institution with diversified investment including
- A 156-year-old British boarding school brand Malvern College,
- A 50-year-old Swiss summer camps brand Village Camps,
- A 10-year investment in EdTech projects, innovations and modern technologies in education and career development.
FEG delivers the highest quality teaching and pedagogy concept to its British, Swiss, and international students from 20 countries, aged 6 to 18 at the Leysin campus in Switzerland.